DDNet South Africa Trashmap - Server List

This is a list of all servers saved. You can use the search function of your browser to find a server with a known label. Number of servers saved: 5. The maximum count of saved servers is 300.

Running Servers

Number of servers running: 0. The maximum count of running servers is 10.

Offline Servers

Number of offline servers saved: 5.

Label Port Map Rcon Password Version Playercount Accesskey
Soapy Test8501Puzzle Partnerscustomfalse0.6- / 16
NovaTest8500808customtrue0.6- / 8
kjsdfgh8503MAP 1 escom se moerdefaulttrue0.6- / 8
1118504map 1defaulttrue0.6- / 8
jaykay8502Dc3defaulttrue0.6- / 8