DDNet South Africa Trashmap - Server List

This is a list of all servers saved. You can use the search function of your browser to find a server with a known label. Number of servers saved: 6. The maximum count of saved servers is 300.

Running Servers

Number of servers running: 1. The maximum count of running servers is 10.

Label Port Map Rcon Password Version Playercount Runtime Accesskey
Soapy Test8501TimeShopcustomtrue0.63 / 86h 27m 41s

Offline Servers

Number of offline servers saved: 5.

Label Port Map Rcon Password Version Playercount Accesskey
soaptemp85002 to Tango Combineddefaulttrue0.6- / 8
I dunno8502Verification 3.6_a6e458de_139fb26493004d7364ef6aa12d07791aa0d10934ce2f487f1125a194f8773026customtrue0.6- / 8
Dawies map testing8503acustomtrue0.6- / 16
Run_guy_258504run guy 25_e78b3fb4defaultfalse0.6- / 8
oh hi8505Miiep4Miezii_f986b779customfalse0.6- / 8